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[29 Aug 2004|11:27pm]
the mtv awards sucked
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[01 Jun 2004|05:31pm]
so i didn't have to internet for like a month so I wrote journal entries on word pad for every day. im such a geek, but w/e
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[30 May 2004|10:34pm]
got up an went to church this morning. nobody was there but me an ryan, an we had a grand old time. we came home after that an had lunch... an i think i just sat here for awhile. then at 2, we were off to my cousin madison's an brianna's bday party. that was a load of fun. rrrright... they got a trampoline along with all their other gifts. they also got a kitten... it was the cutest thing i have ever seen. except it kept scratching me. an then my aunt's friends have twins an they're turning one like next month or something, but they're soo small- they only weigh 15 pounds! but they were the most adorable little girls... i was holding the one for awhile, they were just so cute... we finally just got home, an i'm pretty tired for some reason. i gotta get up nice an early tomorrow morning for the parade, which reminds me... i cleaned out my trumpet for once in about 5 years so i gotta go put it all back together...
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[29 May 2004|06:33pm]
well yesterday i didn't update cuz i had a very very bad night. school was good if i can remember. i think i did well on my algebra test, an pretty darn good on my latin one. i was ballet dancing in the middle of study hall which was fun... an then dewar took me home. i had to bring my trumpet home for the parade on monday, an ehrin's flute cuz she didn't wanna take it to her track meet. which by the way, they're going to state! yeah ehrin! so then i got home an realized that i accidentally took betsy's money... which was like $50 or something. so then she called me an i took it to her at work. after that, the night got really bad. i was just in some horrible mood an felt like dying. but then i asked to get a pizza an my parents agreed... i think they just wanted to cheer me up. an i love pizza so... then while we were getting that i asked my mom to get a movie so we rented cheaper by the dozen. it was pretty good. that made my night not so horrible.

so then this morning i woke up bright an early to get ready an go to ikea with my mom an her friend karen. it was pretty fun, we got a buncha cool stuff... for my room mostly. then we went to pier one, target, bath & body works, an some other places. ooo an i also got the new hoobastank cd (which i thought would be a lot better than it is) an the sugar cult cd... which is pretty good... then on the way home they were having some wierd ass conversations... like about karen's son an how he's not a virgin an all this stuff, so i was like umm ok an put my headphones on. i didn't feel like listening to their opinions on what teenagers do. we got home an unloaded everything an then put all this stuff up in my bedroom. i must say, i like the results. so that's basically it...
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[27 May 2004|06:31pm]
i woke up an went to school. we didn't do much... it was the senior's last day today. kinda sad... i'll miss some of them. so then umm nothing really exciting happened... i came home... an was bored. i cleaned up some of the spare bedroom. an asked if i got it all done that i could go out this weekend. that was a no. i hate this soo bad. long weekend an i'm grounded. figures. so then my family decides to go out to eat at inner circle. i hate inner circle an i hate going out to eat with them an the food sucked... it was all in all a bad experience. after that, my mother an i met my aunt missy an three of her 4 kids at target. an we were there literally all night long. those kids are crazy. so now i finally got home... an i'm heading to bed in a little bit
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[26 May 2004|08:30pm]
wow i hate getting up an going to school in the mornings. but today wasn't quite the same as every other day, so it wasn't too bad. in band we moved all the chairs an stuff back in the band room an just sat around an talked. we had a hw quiz in algebra an i'm hoping i did good. in latin, my desk was up in the front of the room again, so i just sat up there... by myself lol... during study hall i had to make up an algebra test so i went in an joined one wonderful geometry class. i don't think i did too well on my test... which wouldn't be good cuz right now i have a 71 in that class. i had to eat c lunch... which i didn't know if i should look forward to it or not, but it was actually really nice for a change. i liked eating with sam an ehrin an rachel. i haven't had lunch with them since like 6th grade... then in english i had to hurry up an copy someones outline, an we watched more movies. we watched a really dumb bug movie in biology... an then ehrin left me for her track meet. i went to history an we had a sub so i just like slept an then my mom got me at 2:30... i came home an then we left for ehrin's track meet. i got home from that at 7 something... it was raining really bad on the way home, an we saw a really cool rainbow after... like the whole thing, not just a little part of it. it was neat... then all i did was chilled a bit, ate dinner, an worked out. now i'm in the middle of watching the CMA's with my mom... woo hoo...
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[25 May 2004|09:28pm]
so today... was pretty... good? i suppose. band was horrible, we didn't even play through one of our songs an we had our concert tonight. i don't really remember much else about the day... we watched our movie (the ring) in english... it's bad lol. i guess people are saying they like it though, so that's really good. we got our tests back in history an i got a 90 which isn't bad, but yatsco got a 102 so i'm pissed lol i dunno how he's so smart. jason took me home today, which was nice... i really miss him... i'm not gonna go into anymore of that. so after school i actually did algebra homework for once. i think this is the first time in 2 years that i have brought a math book home. so i think i kinda understand what's going on in that class now that i've actually taken time to look over the stuff. then i had dinner, an it was off to the band concert. wow that was a fun time. we sucked sooo awfully bad. but oh well. at least that's over with. we stopped by dairy queen on the way home an i got a vanilla milkshake, an it kinda sucks. it's cold an now i am too. an i'm really tired to so now it bed time... night everyone
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[24 May 2004|10:27pm]
monday's are great. especially when you get to wake up really early an go to school. an there you get to see a certain number of people that you greatly dislike for certain reasons. an then my friends which is the non bad part of school. but school wasn't awful. we joined simington's studyhall to watch our movie that joe edited for us. he cut out the best part, of the horse flying into the water. grrr... but oh well, it turned out nice i suppose. then we watched two movies that groups made. they were horrible. i just hope people don't think ours is that bad. biology wasn't fun... an then in dirienzo we had a test... or quiz or something... so i copied yatsco of course. then ryan picked me up from school lol yea... an i sorta tried cleaning the spare bedroom but i didn't get too far. so then i had dinner, an we picked up sam an kailey an went to driving class. wow that was a fun time :)
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[23 May 2004|01:25pm]
wow it feels so weird to be sitting in front of my computer now... i hate being grounded... but anyways i'll recap the week. i haven't done much, consider the situation. i cleaned my room, the bathroom, went to some horrible mother daughter tea at church, an then last night i got away from my house which was wonderful. it was my cousin madison's 4th birthday an i went to their house for a bit, we went out to friday's to eat dinner, an then best buy for awhile. my goodness, those are some 4 crazy little kids. i don't think i'm ever having any. seriously. they drive me nuts. so then i went to church today an brian, andrew, an i went to dunkin' donuts for some food. we had a really long meeting about vbs which i'm forced into helping with every year... an then i drove home :) i'm gonna kill myself in a car accident some day, i just know it lol. i came home an then picked up amy an now we're waiting for people to show up for this swim party thing for church. hopefully it'll be fun
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[17 May 2004|09:23pm]
ahh monday's suck. school wasn't bad, i was just really tired this morning... but i was in a pretty good mood for most of the day i think. then it was really nice cuz i got a ride home with jason richards an phillips too... an haha they smoke... so i come home an my mom's like ahh brigitte you reek like smoke... an then she told me to go outside. haha... anyways... the rest of the day sucked. i was stuck in the house with absolutely nothing to do. blehhh... i fell asleep on my bed for awhile... an then i painted my nails pink an had an awesome steak dinner. but that's about the only good thing that happened. i'm trying to convince my mom into getting me a cell phone, but i dunno if it's working. so then at like 8:30 i was pretty just pissed off at everything an left to go on a lil walk. yes, out in the thunder an lightning an rain. but it wasn't that bad, it was only like sprinkling. an i went to bruster's an got a rootbeer float because rootbeer floats are just heavenly... lisa an steph were workin so i talked with them a little bit. then i made my way back home... an just updated this thing, an now i'm off to bed. sweet dreams*
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[16 May 2004|06:22pm]
woo hoo well let's start with finishing up saturday. i decided to raid the liquor cabinet since nobody was home, an what an interesting time that was. a few people know what i'm talking about lol. so then i went over ehrin's house an she drove an that was just fun. an then we went an got some movie with ashton kutcher... like my boss's daughter or something. it sucked. an we stayed up all night an slept in an just bummed around watching movies today. it was nice. i love being with that girl... we just sit around an talk... an yea. so i got to miss out on church which was definitely a plus for my weekend. i came home an showered an got ready for the band banquet. i love dressing up, so i was kinda looking forward to it. but it was boring an the food kinda sucked. i got home an it was like 7:30 an i was bored as hell so ehrin an i went on a walk to bruster's. that was fun except it was freezing out an we were wearing t-shirts an shorts. an i'm really bored now, an not looking forward to school at all tomorrow. :( hopefully it will be a good day... week... weekend... school's almost over, so that's really nice. i'm actually not looking forward to summer. the only good thing i see is that we don't have to go to school. but i'm not going to have anything to do at all... hopefully i'll find something
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[15 May 2004|03:04pm]
so i didn't update yesterday... i don't remember school much. but i do remember not having to go home with dave. kevin meek took me home lol. then i drove to the gas station, wal-mart, an then the highschool for ehrin's track meet. i actually think i'm getting a little better at driving. i don't hate it as much anymore. so then the track meet was good... it was the mac meet... ehrin did really well, an our girls won. which was really good since we haven't in forever. so i was really bored after that an just watched pulp fiction up in my bed by myself. that movie was too long an i really just didn't see the point of it. when it was over it was sometime after 12 an i had a headache an was really tired so i just went to bed an didn't update.

this morning i was woken up by my dad at 10:10 reminding me i had to go get x-rays at 11. so i got up an showered an stuff super fast, an was like not awake at the place. i had to get some CT scan for like my nose, cuz i can't breathe through it, so they're trying to figure out what's wrong with it. after that i came home an got ready for our church picture. wow that was fun. the guy was mean an the pictures all turned out shitty. oh well, it's just a church picture. an i came home an put my pjs back on an painted my nails... an just been sitting here. jason called me a little bit ago, which was nice... i haven't really talked to the kid in forever. an tonight me an ehrin were gonna have a bonfire but i dunno now cuz of the rain. rain pisses me off... especially when it ruins my plans. but now i got the house to myself... an i'm gonna go try an figure out what's going on for the rest of the day :)
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[13 May 2004|09:03pm]
yay for thursday... or... not... nothing exciting happened... me an marijo got out of spanish after our test to go to the restroom... an we didn't come back til about 20 minutes later, oooh boy she was pissed lol... then i was in a really good mood for part of the day, like in study hall... hahaha i tried to sneak across the room an sit on the stool in the middle but simko caught me, cuz i guess my shoes are a little noisy lol... oh well, i sat there anyway. i kinda slept in english, an then got an 88% on my quiz in biology. we finished remember the titans in history, an i'm really dreading the in class essay we have to write tomorrow. that's really gonna suck. then i was pissed on the way home... for who knows what reason. maybe i do know a reason. an i should get over it, but i really can't. it's hard. an so i was awfully bored when i got home, i went to the mall by myself. wooo what an exciting girl. i actually had a good time, i needed to get away from everybody. an i bought a 2 really cute skirts an a very adorable necklace. an some of that chinese teryaki chicken stuff which tastes amazing. i came home, bummed around, an planned on leaving for the choir concert by myself... but ehrin was home! so i brought her with me. the choir kinda sucked... i mean sure they sounded good, but it was just really boring. show choir was really good for once. i enjoyed the show :) an i'm really hungry...
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[12 May 2004|08:02pm]
wonderful wednesday. hahahaha rrrright. it sucks when you gotta start out your day in band. an it's even worse when all the little jazz banders leave, an i'm the only first left. so i go down to play with the seconds. an, as you've heard me say before, they're not too awesome. then it's off to algebra an we did have that hw quiz i was suspecting. but actually it was really easy. i think i did quite well. i got out of some of study hall today with dewar an tom to go take a picture with simington an sarah for our movie. that was fun lol. an then i had a really nice nap in english. i always end up sleeping in there... an then he calls on me to read something when i'm half awake, gotta love that man. i got extra credit in biology today for bringing in a dandelion. an then i sat there an was just looking at a magazine an i guess we got in trouble an had to do something cuz we're having a quiz tomorrow. but you know, i wasn't paying any attention. so i don't really know what we were doing at all. an in history we kept watching remember the titans... an he stopped it at the really sad part, where what's his face (i think it's garry) gets hit by the car... i hate that part, it's just not any fun. hah. then after school i went home with kailey an we just chilled at her house for awhile an dewar an sam showed up... we taped the scene of me going ot the fridge to get a drink... an i pull out this big bottle of bailey's... it's an awesome scene. we went to dewar's for a bit after that, an then i came home... an i haven't really been doing much of anything at all here. an i was watching that 70's show bloopers, haha omg i love that show... it was soo funny... an that's all for now :)
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[11 May 2004|11:00pm]
what an exciting day... let's see if i can remember it. well we sat around for awhile in band an i had to listen to kobe an steve saying crazy shit an just being the weirdest people... in algebra i sorta payed attention cuz i wasn't there yesterday... an lalala the rest of my classes were pointless except history cuz we're watching remember the titans which is an awesome movie. after school i came home like usual, an it was nice out... an so i didn't want to be in the house, but i had nothing else to do... an my family was pissing me off... an i was just soo mad i had to leave. so i like walked around for like 50 minutes... when i came home i cut out pictures from magazines an put them all on my one wall. an then i was off to sam's house to do more taping for our english movie. wow. that was fun. we kept getting yelled at cuz her parents wanted us to leave, but it was so funny. it was my main an basically only scene. an then at the end i had to walk in a room an yell something like i was surprised, like holy shit!... an it just didn't work haha i can't wait for this movie to be finished. it's gonna be great. then i drove kailey an amanda home, an almost killed my father an i on the way back to our house. oh well, haha i'm a great driver. i almost killed a biker too :) an now i'm off to bed cuz i am pretty darn tired
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[10 May 2004|10:00pm]
yesss i got to sleep in this morning. even though it was only for like an hour... it was a lot nicer then when i usually get up. so i got up an got ready an all that good stuff an headed off to my dr appt. ahh which was pointless. i'm sick of going to the dr. an i got another appt for x-rays on sat, then i think i got a dr appt wed, an then next thursday... an i dunno, it's all too confusing for me. an it's only like about allergies or something. strange. so then i got to school 3rd period... an school was pretty much like it always is. but my mom brought me a delicious salad from wendy's for lunch. wow it was good. an i listened to my cd player all in study hall, an english- since we weren't allowed to sleep during the movie, an then in biology but the sub made me put them away. dirienzo's class wasn't anything exciting. we got out tests back an i got an 84% which isn't bad. i also got a better score than yatsco yet again lol. so then i came home an thought we were going over kailey's, but then i found out we were going at 5... so i drove over there an got there about 4:50... an nobody was home but her mom. so i sat there for like a half an hour watching tv with her mom. wow that was fun. then everyone came an we filmed... it was a lot of fun. after that we went to my house to film in the pool. wow. these girls are awesome... an sooo funny... this movie is going to be terrific :) i can't wait to see it when it's done. so then i drove kailey home. haha what an experience. i think i'm a horrible driver, my mom doesn't... but man i think i am. i hate driving. i'll get better at it sometime though... so bed time now, i'm rather sleepy
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[09 May 2004|09:58pm]
so happy mother's day. i had to get up an go to church. wow what an exciting time. i wore a dress... i dunno why, but i just really wanted to wear it. an i guess it looked nice, so that's good. i finally got to see amy in what felt like ten years... an woohoo she got me a shot glass from virginia beach. i forgot to bring hers tho. oops. then nobody wanted to stay an eat but me cuz i had to stay... so i convinced brian an then we just ate a whole buncha waffles. lol they were good. then i came home... sat around for a bit.. then met with brittany, dewar, an amanda to film an do some stuff for our english movie. then my mom made me leave an go to my grandparent's house for dinner. which was boring. it's boring there. i finally convinced my parents to leave, an then we came home. yea. so i just been sitting here. wow how fun... this entry was pointless... i mainly typed it for tim... phillips... lol i hope you're happy, you better enjoy it lol :)
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[08 May 2004|10:57pm]
so i was pretty darn bored after everyone left... then i talked to ehrin an we decided to go to see a movie again. we went to the mall for a little bit before the movie, then walked over to tinsletown. it was so nice outside. i love beautiful weather. we went to see 13 going on 30... like just after we sat down we saw marijo an miranda, so they came up an sat with us. the movie was really good, i'm glad we went to see it. i love going to see movies. yea i know, my weekend hasn't been too exciting, going to the movies two nights in a row. but hey, it was fun. an i really liked the movies, so i'm happy. i was in a really good mood for some reason when i came home... i dunno, but it kinda made my whole day seem great. an tomorrow's mother's day. i feel kinda bad cuz i don't do a lot for my mom. i mean, i didn't get her anything. i was planning on getting her flowers or something... but i dunno... so i just made her a card an then we'll see what happens tomorrow. maybe i'll give her money. haha rrright... you know what i think... that there should be like daughter's day. cuz i mean what's the point of mother's day, to appreciate mothers. ok, well daughters need appreciation too, we have to put up with living with our mothers an their horrible rules an insanity problems (maybe that only applies to my mom, but anyways). i don't see the big deal about all this... sure i'll be grateful for my mom later on in my life, but right now, i'm not really. i'm indifferent about my family... seriously i'd love to move out. i don't really like them. an this entry has turned into the total opposite outlook i had for it. i wasn't really planning on ranting on mother's day. but oh well. just disregard all that.
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today is hanson day! [06 May 2004|05:54pm]
well today wasn't too exciting. band sucked cuz we had to split up an play an i just hate playing altogether. then i find out that brittany's taking some ap test tomorrow so she won't be in algebra... so i don't have anyone to cheat with... i don't think i can make it on my own... ahh wish me luck... latin was lame as hell like always, an marijo got kicked out... it was the funniest thing ever. she just kept coming in an tepper would scream at her so she'd go back out an just come in like two minutes later... sugar came into simko's to try an get me a pass to like go to the library or something with him but she wouldn't let me leave... so i sat in study hall with nothing to do... english was pretty much boring, i'm sick of reading all these short stories an answering all their questions.... i just like sleeping in that class. biology was so awesome as usual, we were supposed to do vocab, but we just sat there an talked an laughed the whole time. the best part was when mr jones saw the back of ehrins binder with the like signs i made for her... they say some pretty interesting stuff to say the least... it was great. our group had to go for dirienzo an i think we did pretty well. after school i didn't do much... painted my nails, had dinner, an looked through my magazine i got in the mail today. then i went swimming for a while until my bro an neighbor showed up... an then i'm walking around in my pjs an stuff an hear these kids outside. i guess like 5 or 6 8th graders showed up looking for my brother. it was really really weird... i have no idea who they are or why they showed up either... an then i had three popsicles an they all tasted really good. i'd have another but those were the last. so now i'm gonna go copy kevin's biology vocab an go to bed. sweet dreams*
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[05 May 2004|05:52pm]
not willingly, i got out of bed this morning an went to school. i was soo tired... i hate getting up for school. band really sucked cuz they did jazz band an so we didn't think the rest of us would have to play. but of course we did... an of course i didn't have any music so i went down to play with the second's... an let me just say it's these three guys... an they're not the greatest... i didn't know what i was playing, an it just sucked. then i went to algebra an attempted to learn something for once. i don't think it worked too well. i actually think i did really well on my spanish test this time. i thought i did horrible on the last one but i got an 82%... which is also prolly my lowest grade in there cuz that class is mostly just a joke. study hall was alright... i kept getting yelled at though for going an sitting on the stool in the middle of the room by kailey. i just was really bored though. an then i was like half sleeping though english an had to go up an present this summary of some weird ass story called the masque of the red death. by edgar allen poe. yea, what a weird guy. i don't mind going up in front of that class... it's like i sleep half the time an i just don't care at all, i do whatever... an simington's cool, he doesnt pay attention lol. we got our biology tests back an wow everyone did so bad. i got the lowest d possible... an then he let us make some corrections, but with those, the highest grade i can get is a 78%... which sucks. history sucked cuz we hafta sit through boring presentations... then i came home an had to go get some x-rays taken of my lungs or something. i dunno, it's for my allergies i think. now i'm sitting here trying to work on this history project which is due tomorrow an i'm screwed. so i'm gonna get working again. later
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